Keeping up with the Windsors: 10 geeky ways to follow the royal wedding

If you’re like us, you’ve heard quite enough about the impending royal wedding. In fact, if you’re like us, whenever you see a news report about said wedding, you wonder out loud how much more breathless the buildup can get.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you want to keep on top of all royal wedding-related news. Far from it. Just that if you happen to harbor some interest in the event, there are ways to do it and keep your geek pride intact.

Heck, you may even find some tidbit here to amaze and astonish your royal watcher friends.

The Royal Channel

Perhaps the most important of all resources for those trying to catch some of the Royal Wedding action from outside of the UK, The Official YouTube Channel of The British Monarchy allows users to send their own video message to the couple as well as watch the live stream of the event on wedding day.

British Monarchy’s Flickr photostream

Flickr will play host to all of the pics taken by photographers hired for the royal wedding. For now it does have a collection of over 3,500 photos of wedding preparations. If you want to peruse pictures of wedding cakes, commemorative china, choir rehearsals, and the household cavalry mounted regiment, this is the site for you.

Clarence House Twitter feed

Mindnumbing for sure, but if you want to stay on top of every last detail of wedding preparation, the Clarence House Twitter feed broadcasts any changes or updates to The Royal Wedding schedule as well as answering most questions that are asked.


British Monarchy Facebook Page

The official Facebook page of The British Monarchy now features a whole section dedicated to the royal wedding. Facebook users can write a personal message to the couple or browse through the many pictures.


Royal wedding website

Try saying that one three times, fast. The official website of the royal wedding is your one-stop shop for your royal wedding fix. It features live-blogging, exclusive videos from the event, pictures from along the procession route, and probably more detail than you’d ever need or want to know.

The Westminster Abbey website

Westminster Abbey, founded in 960, has its very own official website with lots of information for potential visitors as well as details about the upcoming wedding. From Saturday, April 30 until Friday, May 6 visitors can walk in the royals’ footsteps, following a 'specially produced tour leaflet'.

Naturally, the church also has a royal wedding mobile app, Abbey 3D. The app offers a 'super realistic 3D tour of the royal church,' along with all the historic facts you could possibly need, right at your fingertips. It's not free, but at least you're not shelling out for a commemorative plate.

UK government's digital service website

This site is dedicated to helping visitors and residents plan trips to London. The royal wedding section is packed with tips on transport, where to position yourself to 'catch a glimpse of the royal couple,' how to organize your own street party and various other helpful bits of information.

The Telegraph

The Telegraph’s timeline of wedding-day events, from when guests arrive at Westminster Abbey (from 8:15-9:45), to the bride’s departure from Goring Hotel (10:51), and finally to the Royal Air Force flyover (at 1:30) -- and every last thing in between.

The Telegraph has also assembled a list of the 'notable' guests, from celebrities (like Posh Spice) to the relatives and exes who are most likely to be a source of embarrassment.

Looking for a party? The Telegraph has you covered. In the daytime, evening, or on the TV, you can find an event near you. Well, near-ish… if you’re in England.


You want apps? We’ve got apps

The Official Royal Collection app celebrates of 'some of the key weddings of members of the British Royal Family that have taken place over the last 150 years,' which makes you wonder what the 'not key' weddings were (ahem, Fergie & Andrew, we’re talking to you).


Lonely Planet has a free walking tour app of the 2km route from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. Narrated by Clare Corbett, the app includes maps and travel commentary, along with audio excerpts from the BBC archives.


Looking for more apps? Our friends at Network World have compiled a list of the best and worst royal wedding apps for iOS.

Royal wedding online store

Oddly enough it’s exactly what it sounds like; a store full of merchandise commemorating the marriage. Some unique items include a bedazzled iPhone case, William and Kate bobbleheads, and a replica of Kate Middleton's engagement ring almost guaranteed not to turn your finger green.

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