Have a very geeky Christmas; it's the tech time of the year

Behold the geekiest holiday decorations of them all

The holiday season is upon us. Online shoppers are clicking away, snickering at the thought of having to go to a "mall". Santa is fitting his reindeer with new GPS trackers. Rudolph's nose is now LED. There's no question that technology has infiltrated the yuletide. Geeks are Santa's elves, and they're creating lots of fun decorations.

Read on to see some terrific geek holiday decorations.


Perl Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars are a fun little way to count down the days til Christmas. Usually these calendars have a little flap that you lift each day to view a heartwarming picture. Or eat a confection. Or put in quarters that will be donated to charity. Coders, however, will love this Perl Advent Calendar created by Mark Fowler. Each day you click open a box and receive a new Perl module. On Christmas Day, you get an extra one.

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