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Behold the geekiest holiday decorations of them all

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The Emperor commands that you let it snow.

In what probably could be termed as "negative space origami" (okay, I just made that up), folding a paper and cutting little shapes out of it to create a homemade snowflake is a time-honored tradition. I still break out the paper and scissors every holiday season. Admittedly, I'm not talented at this craft: most of my snowflakes either fall apart once opened or they simply look, well, wrong.

For these reasons, I show you this very clever bit of snowflake mastery. No, your eyes do not deceive you...it's a Darth Vader snowflake! I love Star Wars, and I love to make snowflakes. A perfect world, aside from my inherent clumsiness with scissors. Fortunately, the creator of this marvel has also included instructions to create your own. Check out the Boba Fett version, too.

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