Tech fails of 2011: It's never too soon to admit defeat

This is the year 2011. Flying cars are commonplace. You can get a day's worth of nutrition from one easy-to-swallow supplement. And, oh yes, Microsoft now owns planet Earth.

Ok, so maybe this isn't exactly the future we predicted decades ago. That said, the year ahead of us will see technology that no one could ever have predicted in 1950. Smartphones that are as powerful as computers. 3D television. Touch screen tablets galore. But there will also be some spectacular failures.

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Now, for your reading pleasure, the soothsayers have read their bones and are predicting the flops of 2011. Here are some products we're pretty sure have no future.

This is what you get when you have Lady Gaga as your creative director...

GL20 Camera Glasses
Image from Polaroid

Polaroid is an American institution. Known primarily for its instant film, the Polaroid name was synonymous with genius, creativity and fun. What more perfect person for Polaroid's "creative director" than Lady Gaga. She embodies all the attributes of Polaroid past (although "genius" may be too strong a word). So what products did they conspire to deliver? How about...sunglasses that take photos! That is actually a brilliant idea. Taken from the pages of Transmetropolitan, the GL20 Camera Glasses can take or receive uploaded photos and then display them on the glasses' little LCD screens. Sounds cool, no?

No. While cool at a party or a club, how practical are these? Not to mention, they're hideous. They look like Bono's glasses mated with Truman Capote. While the price has not yet been set, we predict it will be way too high.

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