iDate: Romance in the age of apps

These iPhone apps can take you from date to mate in just a few clicks.

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Step 4: The conversation

You can pick a great restaurant. You can select a decent wine. Heck, you can even hold her chair for her. But bad dinner conversation will have her planning her restroom window escape. There's a reason they call conversation an "art". And honestly, you have to just be yourself. If your date scoffs at who you are, it's over. That said, sometimes we get a little stagefright and could use a fallback.

Conversation Starter: meet the fallback. Conversation Starter has a number of great opening lines that can help the wary in times of stress or need. Okay, you probably could think up these on your own. But how handy to have an app that can instantly throw you one while you sit there tongue-tied and the awkward silence crushes your soul like an anvil on an ant.


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