15 best iPhone apps for newbies

Now that you can finally get a Verizon iPhone, what will you download first? Here are 15 can't-miss iPhone apps.

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Take text, audio and photo notes with Evernote (free). Notes are dated and searchable and tagged with geolocation information for mapping. Now when inspiration strikes, you can just whip out your iPhone and capture the moment via Evernote.


Banking App

Did you pay the electricity bill? Need to transfer funds to pick up the dinner tab? Where's the nearest ATM? Download a bank's official iPhone app from the App Store, and you'll feel a lot safer with mobile banking. iPhones and banks go together like deposits and withdrawals.



Before you buy anything, make sure you scan the barcode with RedLaser (free). The app uses the iPhone camera to capture a barcode image, then identifies the product and provides competitive pricing among various retailers.



If you're a penny pincher (who isn't these days?), then get Groupon. Yes, it's a free app. Groupon serves up a daily deal on a product or service near you. Of course, you'll have to be in one of 130 applicable cities in the United States.



One of the first "wow" apps on the iPhone, Shazam (free) listens to music and identifies the artist and song. In the past, Shazam provided unlimited song tagging; today, the limit is five per month or unlimited with Shazam Encore ($4.99).



If you're a Netflix fan, this Netflix iPhone app (free) is a no-brainer. Watch TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix on your iPhone. While not quite the big screen, the iPhone still delivers a pretty good viewing experience.


Angry Birds

Yes, this is a must-have game app. Those dastardly pigs have stolen the angry birds' eggs. Oh, the horror! You'll come to know soon enough why you must be part of this epic war. Snickering pigs will haunt your dreams.


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