A decade of Internet superstars: Where are they now?

Whatever happened to the Evolution of Dance guy or that kid who loved Britney Spears so much he cried for her under his sheet?

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Jay Maynard: "The Tron Guy" 


Jay Maynard's costume made him a household name for a short time in 2004. Maynard, who proudly dressed up in a lit-up likeness of the character from Disney's 1982 movie "Tron," parlayed his inspired duds into talk-show appearances and even a "South Park" parody.

Today, the Tron Guy is holding tight to his memories. Maynard--who by day works as a computer consultant and project manager for the Hercules Project, a Windows-based emulator for IBM mainframes--still makes regular appearances in the Tron suit.

"It's really on its last legs and showing its age," he says. "The unitard is about worn out."

Not to worry, though: Maynard has several more waiting in the wings, ready to be painted and prepped for wear. And speaking of wings, Maynard also bought his own plane this summer and had it painted as--take a guess--the Tron costume. "I'm not going to try to drop it," he says. "It's part of who I am by now, and I enjoy doing it. I doubt it'll ever go away entirely."

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