The creepy and amazing world of computer implants

Cameras embedded in human skulls. Chips that translate thoughts into actions. Contact lenses that diagnose eye diseases. These computer implants will blow your mind.

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Third Eye for the Artsy Guy

Iraqi-American performance artist and NYU professor Wafaa Bilal temporarily implanted a camera on the back of his head. Why? To capture images, one per minute, from his daily life and transmit them to his Website and to Qatar's Arab Museum of Modern Art for public viewing. The artist's 3rdi apparatus consisted of a small digital camera surgically mounted on his skull. Bilal carried a 3G-enabled laptop, which attached to the camera via USB cable. Not surprisingly, the skull-embedded camera gave Bilal a headache, which led the professor to remove part of the device.

Image credit: Wafaa Bilal
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