The creepy and amazing world of computer implants

Cameras embedded in human skulls. Chips that translate thoughts into actions. Contact lenses that diagnose eye diseases. These computer implants will blow your mind.

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Man Catches Computer Virus!

Now wait just a gosh darn minute--how could computer code "infect" a living, breathing human? This viral melding of man and machine seemed peculiar when it made headlines in May 2010. Here's what happened: British scientist Mark Gasson and his colleagues at the University of Reading created a benign virus for an RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip embedded in Gasson's arm. (A cybernetics expert, Gasson uses the chip in lieu of a conventional swipe card.) The virus jumped wirelessly from Gasson's chip to the lab's computers, demonstrating how easily malware can spread via unsecured, implanted devices. The moral of the story: Implant designers need to take security seriously.

Image credit: The Telegraph
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