The 20 strangest celebrity tech endorsements

Celebrities and technology don't always go hand in hand. Just look to these 20 odd endorsements for the proof.

When it comes to marketing, few tactics are as tried and true as the celebrity endorsement. Having an iconic person stand behind a brand, after all, can build buzz and make a product memorable.

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That's how it's supposed to work, anyway. Sometimes, celebrity endorsements just make you scratch your head and wonder what the hell the company was thinking.

Here are 20 of tech's most unlikely celeb-product pairings.

1. Elvira for LBMS

Our first ill-fated endorsement is an oldie but a goodie: the one and only Elvira strutting her stuff for LBMS's project management program. The ad may have been titillating, but I don't think buying software is what it inspired people to do.

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