The 20 strangest celebrity tech endorsements

Celebrities and technology don't always go hand in hand. Just look to these 20 odd endorsements for the proof.

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20. Hulk Hogan for 10-10-220


Hulk, oh Hulk. You famously missed your shot at making millions with your Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill (damn that George Foreman and his impeccable timing!). More mystifying than your momentary role as chef, though, was your stint as spokesperson for the once-popular calling service 10-10-220.

We love you, Hulk -- but imitating Rodin's "Thinker" might not be the most fitting role for a wrestler famous for his handlebar moustache and habitual overuse of the word "brother."

That said, we'll take this over your singing about air conditioners any day.

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