Accept mobile credit card payments anywhere with your iPhone

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PayAnywhere's Web portal has a variety of reports and alerts you can set up is aligned with North American Bancard, one of the largest traditional credit card payment processors. The reader will set you back $20 for shipping. Unlike the Square reader, it fits on the bottom end of the iPhone and looks like half a protective case, with the credit card slot swiped horizontally. This leaves the top portion of your phone naked. It currently works on the iPhone 3 or 4, or the iPad. Android and Blackberry readers are planned.

Fees are similar to Square's: 2.69% plus 19 cents per transaction for swiped cards, and 3.49% plus 19 cents for manual entries. This service accepts the fewest cards of the three we examined: only Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.'s biggest advantage is its 24/7 phone support. When we called to verify our account, we got some contradictory information about what the monthly charges would be. (In addition to the fee structure listed above, PayAnwhere also offers monthly accounts that carry fees but lower per-transaction percentages.) You can access your reports from within the app itself as well as on the Web portal.

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