8 strange places to find USB ports

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The Fender Mustang III programmable guitar amplifier: 100 watts, 12" speaker, 100 presets.

Fender Mustang guitar amp

The Mustang line of guitar amps from Fender is an imaginative use of microcontrollers and USB: user-customizable amplifier modeling. Modeling means simulating the sound of beloved vintage amplifiers, or re-creating British, American, and metal tones. The Mustang I and II amps come with 24 preset models, and III, IV, and V bundle 100 onboard presets. There are controls for volume, gain, tone, and effects such as reverb, delay, modulation, and stomp.

But that's just the beginning of your modeling and special effects fun. If you want to control the amp from your computer, these amplifiers come with Fender's FUSE software for Mac and Windows, and Linux users can try the PLUG software. A software-controlled amp opens up a vast world of creativity. With FUSE or PLUG, you can create and store as many presets as your PC can hold, and share them with other Mustang users. Fender's FUSEcommunity is a central meeting place to download and share presets.

figure-5-sushiusb290x218.jpgPhoto courtesy of Tokugawapants and Wikimedia Commons.
It looks like tasty fresh ikura sushi, but it's really a 2 GB Flash drive.

USB sushi

Flash drives come in multitudes of shapes and sizes. I like sushi, so here is my favorite: USB fake ikura sushi. Ikura is salmon roe, and it is tasty -- when it's real, that is, and not fake. You can find these in many sushi forms on Amazon and other online stores.

A big real spider inside a nice 3-button USB mouse.

Spider Realbug mouse

Want a real spider embedded in your mouse? Or a green beetle, or some cute starfish? If you're into critters inside your mice, they might as well the be real deal, and Edmund Scientific has them all.

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