Serious storage: Cram giant amounts of data onto these tiny storage drives and cards

These eight cutting-edge hard drives, flash drives, and cards can hold multi-gigabytes of data and yet still slip in a shirt pocket.

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Iomega External SSD Flash Drive 

Holds: 256GB

Uses: USB 3.0

Dimensions: 4.3 inches by 2.7 inches by 0.35 inch

External solid-state drives remain an expensive alternative to the traditional magnetic hard-disk drive with spinning platters--which is why so few companies now offer external SSD models. Iomega is one company that does so, with the External SSD Flash Drive. For well-heeled consumers, SSDs offer low power and light weight, and provide speedy read speeds. With no moving parts, SSDs are far less likely than HDDs to malfunction or corrupt your data while you’re on the move.

$720 |

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