Material boys: Tech CEOs with the highest net worth

Led by a couple of guys named Larry, each of these eight tech CEOs has a net worth that will make your head spin.

Larry Ellison

CEO of Oracle (ORCL)

Net worth: $39.5 billion

Befitting his legendary ego, Oracle founder and CEO Larry Ellison has the biggest fortune among tech CEOs. The dapper yachtman's massive net worth grew by $11.5 billion last year as Oracle's shares jumped 30 percent, according to Forbes. Oracle also won a $1.3 billion copyright infringement case against SAP, and has been profiting from acquisitions, most notably Sun. Ellison also has a 52 percent stake in software company NetSuite (N). It all adds up to one insanely rich dude. And he's got the Asian-inspired estate to prove it, along with several sail boats, private jets and exotic sports cars.

Larry Ellison in Pictures: It's Good to Be The King Teardown: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

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