Material boys: Tech CEOs with the highest net worth

Led by a couple of guys named Larry, each of these eight tech CEOs has a net worth that will make your head spin.

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Larry Page

CEO of Google (GOOG)

Net worth: $19.8 billion

Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page doesn't flash his wealth like Ellison, but with a $19.8 billion fortune, he could afford to buy a yacht or two.Google's stock increased by 18 percent last year, pushing Page's net worth up by $5.5 billion. Internet search is still Google's cash cow, but its Android mobile OS has taken the mobile world by storm. Page, an engineer by nature, recently took back the CEO role (a job he had 10 years ago) from the more business-minded Eric Schmidt. All eyes will be on Page to see if he can keep Google dominant.

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