Material boys: Tech CEOs with the highest net worth

Led by a couple of guys named Larry, each of these eight tech CEOs has a net worth that will make your head spin.

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Steve Ballmer

CEO of Microsoft (MSFT)

Net worth: $14.5 billion

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, often lampooned for his excitable manner, does produce solid financial results. His net worth increased $3.5 billion during the last year, mostly as a result of selling a boatload of Microsoft shares (allegedly for personal and tax reasons) and Ballmer keeps Microsoft moving on many fronts: Bing, Xbox Kinect, Windows 7. However, Microsoft has lagged behind smartphone and tablet rivals, and Ballmer was punished for that, getting only half his potential 2010 bonus. But as a 31-year Microsoft veteran, Ballmer is the ultimate company man and his loyalty has ensured him gobs of money.

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