7 days with Mac OS X Lion

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Day five: Some little things - Safari reading list comes up short

It wasn't until after I played with a clean install yesterday (back to my familiar upgrade install today) that I noticed how iOS-like the new spell checker/auto-correct is. Before it just popped up and really slipped my notice since it's really just an extension of the existing OS X spell checker in a lot of ways.

Safari's reading list seems like a great idea but not well carried off. I've gotten used to the InstapaperIt extensions that adds a simple send-to-Instapaper button. Reading list requires clicking a button to display the reading list drawer/sidebar before being able to add a button – fine if you want to leave the drawer up all the time, but I don't. Of course the real power of this feature will be when iOS 5 and iCloud launch.

I turned off the All My Files option in the Finder Sidebar. I wanted to like the idea but it just doesn't fit with how I use a Mac. This is easily done in the Finder preference (select Finder in the menubar and then Preferences), where you can also toggle other items that appear in the sidebar and what items appear on the desktop – overall where you can make Lion a bit more Snow Leopard-like.

AirDrop is a great new Lion feature, but I wasn't able to get it to work on my test iMac (Early 2008) - turns out not all Lion-capable Macs are supported by AirDrop.

Finder > Preferences
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