7 days with Mac OS X Lion

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Day seven: Lion Server - SMBs will love the Server app, setup process, basic feature set

Overall, in less than a week I went from hesitant about some of Lion's UI changes to being happy with most of them. Largely that's constant use, but as with any new piece of software it also involved tweaking things to my liking.

Today I took the next step and installed Lion Server. I can say that for small businesses, the new Server app, setup process, and basic feature set will be a dream to use. The new Profile Manager is a great addition that makes the $79.98 combined cost of Lion and Lion Server beyond valuable with its ability to manage and secure iPhones and iPads. All very good. The long-time OS X Server admin in me is going to need probably more than a week to come to terms with the advanced administration features, however.

Lion Server
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