7 days with an iPad (and only an iPad)

Can Apple's tablet replace all other computing devices for a solid week?

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Storing articles for later reading in Instapaper

Tuesday: Keeping things organized

In order to see what's happening in the open source world, I use a lot of social media and newsreader tools.

For instance, when I find something in Safari, I use Instapaper to store the link so I can get back to it later. Instapaper is great because I can bookmark a link on one machine and then read the article on another, though I would be doing none of that this week.

My favorite newsreader isn't Google Reader, but rather an app that lets me plug into my Google Reader account: Reeder. Reeder is very useful, because when I find a article I want to share, I can email it (the link or the whole article), Twitter it, or sent it to a number of social services, including Facebook, ReadItLater, Zootool, or (again) Instapaper.

That helps keep my research organized. For communicating on Twitter, my primary social broadcast platform, I use Twitterific and HootSuite. I have the official Twitter app, but try as I might, I just like Twitterific better. But when I need to schedule tweets out, HootSuite is my preferred app; it lets me time broadcasts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Organizing tasks in the OmniFocus inbox

To keep everything else organized, I love using OmniFocus, a task manager that is based on the Getting Things Done project management system. OmniFocus lets me input a whole bunch of things to do as I think of them; every couple of hours, I sweep through the list and assign the tasks to projects, set up due dates, and specify the context in which I will complete the task. So, if I have a context for a task of "Errand" one day, I can quickly see if there are any other Errand tasks and hit as many as I can while I'm out and about. OmniFocus is my most expensive app, but I love it.

For calendaring, I tend to use SaiSuke, which has a sweet desktop organizer feel to it. It also syncs up with my Google Calendar account, which is perfect because I have all of my kids' calendars from their Google Apps for My Domain accounts in my account too. That means I can see at a glance any appointment they have set up for me to view. (They have learned that if they want a ride somewhere, they'd better share appointments with me as often as possible.)

Managing events with SaiSuki

With the writing and organizing all down pat, this week was looking pretty good so far.

Wednesday: Bumps ahead?

My personal website, where I post links to all of the articles I have written to date (including this one), runs on a Joomla! platform. A lot of my friends have tried to dissuade me from this, advocating Drupal or WordPress instead, but I really like Joomla! Except for that annoying exclamation mark in the name.

JAM! enables full management of Joomla!-based site content

To post content on my site from my iPad, I used an app called Joomla! Admin Mobile, or JAM! for short. JAM! was simple enough to use, but seeing as I had already taken my iPad-only vow, there was one catch: To use the app, I would first have to log in to the site's backend and add a new extension. Fortunately, Safari was able to handle the task, and in just a short time I had complete access to my site's administrative dashboard and was catching up on my site posting.

Potential trouble then started when my client -- the one who uses Word and Office exclusively -- dropped me a line and asked for revisions to a training package I had put together for him last week -- a file I thought was done. I asked him to drop it in my public Dropbox folder, and then proceeded to pull it onto my iPad with the Dropbox app. I was worried, because this was a 100+ slide presentation with a lot of embedded images and presenter notes -- and since notes were what needed to be fixed, I needed to be able to access them.

I needn't have worried. The file downloaded flawlessly and opened in Keynote perfectly, and I was able to run through the presenter notes and edit them without a hitch.

Slide presentations import well into Keynote
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