9 gigantic bonuses that make yours look like chump change

Seven-figure cash bonuses sweeten tech CEOs' pay packages

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Who: AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson 

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Bonus amount: $5.1 million

Total 2010 compensation: $27.3 million

Company performance: AT&T grew revenue and income by 1.4% and 64%, respectively, in 2010. AT&T's revenue came in at $124.3 billion, up from $122.5 billion in 2009. Net income attributable to AT&T hit $19.9 billion, up from $12.1 billion in the prior year.

Justification for bonus: Randall Stephenson collected a $5.1 million cash bonus in 2010, which is 100% of his targeted bonus but down 14% from the $5.9 million he netted the prior year. AT&T specified three performance metrics -- consolidated revenues, earnings per share, and free cash flow -- and related target ranges that its executives were expected to achieve in 2010. "Under Mr. Stephenson's leadership, AT&T grew consolidated revenues, increased reported earnings per share 63% and delivered a strong performance across a number of key categories," the company said in its proxy statement.

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