6 vacation ideas from your spam folder

Spammers, take me away!

BitDefender, provider of internet security solutions, has identified seasonally-themed spam circulating around your inbox. But just because these vacation ideas are spam doesn’t mean they aren't worth checking out. Legitimately, that is.

Before falling victim to these tempting deals, BitDefender recommends you keep these simple rules in mind:

  • If it is in your spam box, it is probably there for a reason.

  • Check out any online shop you don’t recognize before buying something. Better yet, stick to sites you know and trust.

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

And don’t only be on the look-out for this type of spam in your inbox. Catalin Cosoi, Head of BitDefender’s Online Threats Lab, warns “similar scams can be found also on social networks, where people spend a lot of time and there is a higher chance of getting tricked.” If you haven’t made your summer plans yet, here are some suggestions from spammers who have done the research for you.

Warning: These are real spam subject lines spotted in the wild.

Discover the Unimaginable Bliss at Country Inn Resort Bhimtal

Cybercriminals Img 1.jpgSource: rajkumar1220/Flickr

Bhimtal, located in northern India, has the largest lake in India’s lake district and is surrounded by lush, tree covered hills. A great destination for nature lovers, Bhimtal also boasts Bhimeshwara Mahadev Temple, a temple built in the 17th century.

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