11 cutting-edge car tech innovations

Automotive technology is reaching MENSA status with these high-tech upgrades for your vehicle.

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Chevy Volt to Jolt Auto Industry?  

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Hybrid cars have become all the rage, but only recently have completely electricity-powered cars--like the Chevy Volt pictured here-- become possible. Quite pricey at over $40,000, the car currently can only go 35 miles on its own electricity. But it's a start, and in a pinch you can drive another 375 miles with the assistance of the car's gasoline-powered engine. Chevrolet says that the car can attain speeds of 100 miles per hour with electric power, versus the maximum of 35 mph for hybrids like the Toyota Prius. Meanwhile, Toyota is working on a plug-in version of its own.

Image credit: Chevrolet/General Motors

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