11 cutting-edge car tech innovations

Automotive technology is reaching MENSA status with these high-tech upgrades for your vehicle.

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Paralyzed by Parallel Parking? 

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Still can't parallel park? Self-parking systems included in select Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota, and Ford models may be your vehicular salvation. It’s as easy as pulling up to the parking spot, telling the car the location of the open space and letting the vehicle do the rest. Most systems rely on the car's onboard computer in combination with a rear-mounted camera and a servomechanism that can react if the car gets too close to the curb or encounters other problems. The system takes some to set up, and it may prolong your parking time. And here's another complication: If your car parks itself during your driving test, who does the DMV issue the license to?

Image credit: Daimler AG

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