Wikipedia wars: 10 biggest edit battles

We round up the most heated, most bitterly contested, and most pointless confrontations over facts in Wikipedia’s 10-year history. What makes people leap into these frays will amaze and amuse you.

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Nintendo Wii: The Rhyming Homonym Battle 

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Gamers are probably not surprised to learn that this Nintendo console is the source of so much debate, but they might be shocked at the Wii minutiae that Wikipedians will battle over. In less than two weeks, after the console's name was announced in 2006, this page had more than 1500 separate edits over several vital issues.

For instance, should the console be called Wii or Nintendo Wii? And does Wii rhyme with "we" or "wee?" This last deathly question is vital to some, even if those two words are pronounced exactly the same.

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