2011 tech industry graveyard

WebOS, Cisco Flip camera, Google Labs and the rest: Our list of IT companies, technologies and ideas killed off or headed for the end of life.

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Microsoft Zune devices

Microsoft, confirming one of the technology industry's worst kept secrets, said in October it was killing off its Zune music player about five years after its debut as a potential iPod killer. While Zune hardware earned some positive reviews, market share didn't follow. Apple's iPod continued to dominate and Zune scratched out only a puny share (the last numbers we saw were less than 1% in 2010). Zune software will live on across Microsoft's Windows Phone, Xbox and other product lines. Zune players made their debut in 2006, the same year that songs with appropriate titles such as "Hurt", "Be Without You" and "Save a Life" topped the charts.


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