2011 tech industry graveyard

WebOS, Cisco Flip camera, Google Labs and the rest: Our list of IT companies, technologies and ideas killed off or headed for the end of life.

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Activision Guitar Hero

It seems like it was only yesterday (well, January 2009) that Activision was crowing about Guitar Hero III being a billion dollar baby, the highest grossing video game ever to that point.  But in February of this year Activision announced it was pulling the plug on Guitar Hero, which debuted in 2005. "We simply cannot make these games profitable given the current market," said the publisher in an earnings call. But if we know anything about rock n' roll, there will be a comeback tour not too far down the road and you better get your earplugs ready. In fact, over the summer Activision Blizzard's CEO hinted that a bigger, better Guitar Hero might even be in the works.

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