This week in pictures: It's not all about Windows 8, really

Google buys 1,000 more IBM patents. Obama signs patent reform legislation. RIM stumbles. Cisco emerges from 150 days of restructuring. Scarlett Johansson hacked! And much, much more!

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Mike LazaridisREUTERS/ Mike Cassese
President and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Research In Motion (RIM) Mike Lazaridis gestures during the annual general meeting of shareholders in Waterloo July 12, 2011.
RIM (Blackberry) withering away?

Research in Motion (RIM), makers of the groundbreaking BlackBerry a decade ago, made the wrong kind of news this week: "Profits plunge" and "Disappointing earnings" and "earnings plummet by more than half." Ouch. Read more.

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