Six crucial tech companies you've never heard of

Behind the headlines, these firms help form the foundation of the IT industry

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equinex.jpgSource: A.M. Kuchling/Flickr
Who even knows what's happening inside this mysterious data center?

Equinix has littered the landscape with dozens of low-key data centers, colocation facilities, and "Equinix Internet exchanges." The latter route traffic among over 600 different telecom providers from all over the world; Peter Van Camp, the company's executive chairman, calls them "international airports where passengers from many different airlines make connections to get to their final destinations." The company's also in the cloud business and provides direct access to AWS. Altogether, something like 90 percent of all Internet traffic passes through Equinix's hands in one way or another, which is unnerving considering "Equinix" sounds like nothing so much as a sinister company from a mid-90s sci-fi story set in a corporate-ruled future dystopia. Equinix reported nearly $900 million in revenue and more than 1,900 employees in 2009.

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