Six crucial tech companies you've never heard of

Behind the headlines, these firms help form the foundation of the IT industry

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Tata Consultancy Services

tata_ceo.jpgSource: REUTERS/Vivek Prakash
Tata Consultancy Services CEO N. Chandrasekaran.

The Tata Group is a sprawling business empire, one of India's largest, oldest, and most storied companies. Tata Consultancy Services began as an in-house computer services division, but quickly started taking in clients from other companies, then other countries. Today it has more than 200,000 employees -- many of whom are doing the sorts of things you expect out of an Indian outsourcing firm, toiling on software projects for big companies in the West: two recent clients include CUA, a major Australian credit union, and Air Liquide, which provides services to natural gas distributors (see how these "services" firms form staggering worldwide chains of outsourcing?). Much of the code that runs behind the Websites and businesses you interact with has been built by Tata.

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