7 free network apps for rooted Androids

Network-related apps that take advantage of the superuser permissions

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Samba File Sharing by funkyFresh

Samba File Sharing

This is a Samba file sharing server that lets you access your Android's SD card on the Wi-Fi network you're connected to. You can access the password-protected file share via Windows and other operating systems that support Server Message Block (SMB), such as Mac OS X and Linux. Like other file shares, you can copy/paste and drag/drop files between your Android and other computers. You can customize the username, password, Windows workgroup name, and share (NETBIOS) name.

Before you can start sharing, you must create a password by tapping Menu > Settings > Password. You can also optionally change the default settings: username (SDCARD), workgroup (WORKGROUP), and netbios name (ANDROID).

Once configured, you simply have to tap the Samba logo on the main screen to start sharing. Then it will display the IP address and share name you can use to access the Android via other computers on the network. Like with other shares, you can type these directly into the browser (followed by two backslashes), input them into a SMB client, or browse the network to find the share.

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