7 free network apps for rooted Androids

Network-related apps that take advantage of the superuser permissions

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Shark for Root by Elviss Kuštans

Shark for Root by Elviss Kuštans

Shark for Root

This network sniffer is based on tcpdump and is basically a simple version of the popular WireShark application. It captures packet information from the Wi-Fi or 3G interfaces and automatically saves them to a .pcap file on the SD card. You can input tcpdump parameters to customize the sniffing sessions. You can view the dumps on your Android if you install another app (Shark Reader) or transfer the .pcap file to another computer to open in an application such as WireShark.

Once you open Shark for Root, you'll see it has the basic parameters preset (-vv –s 0), which you can optionally change or add to. To begin capturing on the network you're connected to, you simply tap Start. You'll then see the location and filename of the .pcap file, along with its running size and number of packets captured.

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