Kids' computers through the ages

The evolution of toy computers for children mirrors that of real-world systems for adults. We look at some of the changes the play-along versions have undergone in the past 70 years.

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Kidz Delight Datamax ii (2009?) 

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As illustrated by the recent explosion in smartphones and tablet computers such as the iPad, computers aren't necessarily bulky devices with keyboards anymore. Manufacturers like Kidz Delight have followed that trend by catering to a new generation of children with keyboardless toy computer devices. The Datamax ii (yes, the lowercase I's are part of its name) educates in much the same way as kids' computers from decades past, though with a much nicer LCD screen and a stylus input.

As the broader tech industry moves away from laptop and desktop computer designs, you can expect more kids' computers with nontraditional shapes to pop up in the years ahead. For make no mistake: Wherever computer technology takes us, toy computers will follow.

Photo: Kidz Delight

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