Crash course: How to make a website with Drupal

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Going live

When you're ready to go live, you need to edit a couple of files. First find Apache's .htaccess file and add these lines. If your Drupal installation is not in a directory named drupal, then use your directory's name.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (.*) drupal/$1 [L]

Then find Drupal's sites/default/setting.php file. This will probably be read-only, so change its permissions to 0644. Then look for the Base URL section. This snippet shows what mine looks like with a bit of context:

 * It is not allowed to have a trailing slash; Drupal will add it
 * for you.
$base_url = '';  // NO trailing slash!

So all you have to do is find the $base_url = line and enter your own base URL, so that visitors see your pretty Drupal site at instead of Then change the file permissions back to read-only, 0444. Do not forget to do this! See Taking Your Site Live to learn more.

Now you are well on your way to building a wonderful site with Drupal.The motherlode of all Drupal information is, so always visit here first for documentation and help.

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