First look: Amazon Kindle Fire

Key features of Amazon's would-be iPad "killer"

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Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Silk. Now here's where Amazon's tablet starts to get unique. The company has created a new Web browser called Amazon Silk that utilizes Amazon's cloud capabilities to speed up page load times. How, you ask? By tracking your Web browsing patterns and preloading pages you typically visit through Amazon's Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) – in other words, Amazon's cloud requests your frequently-visited pages before you even ask for them so they're ready to go for you. Or as Amazon puts it, "With each page request, Silk dynamically determines a division of labor between the mobile hardware and Amazon EC2 (i.e. which browser sub-components run where) that takes into consideration factors like network conditions, page complexity and the location of any cached content." Oh, and it supports Adobe Flash as well.

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