This week in pictures: Amazon's on fire!

Also: More layoffs at Nokia, Diebold voting machines hacked for cheap, Netflix outbids HBO, Twitter knows when you're sad, and Larry Ellison throws more stones!

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Larry Page and Larry Ellison
Google CEO Larry Page (L) and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison (R) arrive at the Robert F. Peckham Federal Courthouse in San Jose, California September 19, 2011. Page and Ellison appeared in court Monday after a judge ordered two of Silicon Valley's most influential corporate leaders to attend mediation talks aimed at settling a year-long Java-patent infringement lawsuit leveled against Google.
Oracle, Google will hold third settlement conference

Oracle and Google will go back to the bargaining table on Oct. 1 to settle their lawsuit over alleged Java patent and copyright violations in the Android mobile OS. Read more.

How happy people feel around the globe, as measured by Twitter messages (Courtesy of Science magazine)
Twitter analysis reveals global human moodiness

Cornell University social scientists use Twitter and Hadoop to study human behavior. Read more.


2011 Ig Nobel Prizes honor offbeat research

Winners investigated yawning turtles, procrastination and the end of the world. Read more

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