This week in pictures: Amazon's on fire!

Also: More layoffs at Nokia, Diebold voting machines hacked for cheap, Netflix outbids HBO, Twitter knows when you're sad, and Larry Ellison throws more stones!

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Mike Lynch and Larry EllisonPhoto credits REUTERS/Toby Melville and REUTERS/Norbert von der Groeben respectively.
Mike Lynch (L), Founder and Chairman of Autonomy Corporation, and Larry Ellison (R), Oracle CEO and co-founder.
Liar, liar, says Larry Ellison about Autonomy pitch to Oracle

HP buying Autonomy for $10 or $11 billion bucks may be boring, but now that Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch has been called a liar by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, the excitement quotient has jumped. British IT papers are going all tabloid about it.Read more.

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