This week in pictures: Farewell, Steve

Reflections on the life and work of Steve Jobs dominated the news and our thoughts this week. But there was more, oh yes, there was more. The Zune was declared dead and then un-dead, Larry Ellison and Marc Benioff had a rather public spat, and Apple announced the iPhone 4S.

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ballmer2-600x450_5.jpgREUTERS/Ray Stubblebine
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer speaks at the launch of the company's Microsoft 365 cloud service in New York, June 28, 2011.
CEO Steve Ballmer 'underpaid,' Microsoft says

The CEOs in Steve Ballmer's peer group make up to $15.8 million on average, Microsoft estimates. By comparison, Ballmer's total compensation opportunity is just over $2 million. Read more.

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