This week in pictures: Carrier IQ raises a ruckus

Also, Groupon takes a wild ride; the Swiss government says music downloads are A-OK; eBay's new datacenter likes it hot; and Justin Bieber makes pre-teen girls swoon (over Nintendo 3DS).

Credit: REUTERS/Larry Downing

The Carrier IQ kerfuffle

Millions of Android phones are running software written by Carrier IQ that tracks every keystroke, has full privileges, and can't be stopped. Even keystrokes over Secure HTTP are tracked.

AT&T and Sprint have confirmed the use of Carrier IQ software on their handsets. While Verizon, RIM, Nokia insist their handsets don't support the software.

Apple issued a statement saying that it stopped supporting Carrier IQ software with iOS 5. And Senator Al Franken is demanding that Carrier IQ explain whether its smartphone application is spying on users.

Don't expect the furor to die down anytime soon.

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