This week in pictures: Carrier IQ raises a ruckus

Also, Groupon takes a wild ride; the Swiss government says music downloads are A-OK; eBay's new datacenter likes it hot; and Justin Bieber makes pre-teen girls swoon (over Nintendo 3DS).

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Justin BieberPhoto: Business Wire
All He Wants for Christmas - is Nintendo 3DS! In the newly debuted video for his holiday song, "All I Want for Christmas" Justin Bieber and his friends go on a holiday shopping spree and fill their carts up with this season's must have gifts - including Nintendo 3DS!

Justin Bieber wants a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas (oh, and you)

You may wonder, why this story made it into this week in photos post. The reason, dear reader, is the not-so-subtle product placement of the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming system in the new video of Maria Carey and Bieber's duet of her classic "All I Want for Christmas Is You". If you want to skip ahead, the Nintendo stuff comes at the 2-minute mark. Read more.

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