Top stories of 2011: The year in technology

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Windows 8

Microsoft moves to ARM with Windows 8

Microsoft took advantage of the CES spotlight in January to announce that Windows 8 will run on system-on-chip architectures including ARM-based processors, part of its effort to get Windows used on tablets. Other features of the upcoming version of Windows, which will continue to run on Intel chips and PCs as well, include the new Metro interface, which emphasizes touch and a Windows app store. However, the many businesses still migrating to Windows 7 are unlikely to upgrade again soon. And while Windows 8, which could appear on products next year, expands the hardware possibilities for Windows, it's ironic that Apple's iPad already has established such a commanding lead in tablets, a form factor that was long ago championed by Bill Gates. With Microsoft's history of coming from behind in markets to eventually grab a dominant position, though, Windows 8 should not be counted out before it ships.

Windows 8: The 10 biggest problems so far

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