Top stories of 2011: The year in technology

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Japan devastated by massive earthquake

Japan devastated by massive earthquake

The March 11 earthquake in Japan, the biggest in its history, took its toll on the country's electronics industry. The earthquake constrained the supply of raw materials and components such as NAND flash memory, microcontrollers and LCD parts. Prices soared after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, which damaged facilities belonging to Sony, Freescale, Fujitsu, Texas Instruments and other companies. Floods in Thailand in the second half of the year made it a one-two punch for the PC and component markets. After expanding about 30% in 2010, global semiconductor revenue will squeeze out barely a 1% increase this year, with sales of DRAM, SRAM and NOR Flash memory expected to decline 15% or more, according to analysts.

A legacy from the 1800s leaves Tokyo facing blackouts

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