Seven zombie technologies that just won't die

From beepers to COBOL, some tech keeps lurching forward, despite the smell of rot.

zombiesSource: Ho New/REUTERS
Some zombies enjoy a technological innovation that's still useful today

Don't be surprised if you find a host of undead corpses on your doorstep this Halloween. Zombies have been enjoying something of a renaissance of late, starring in acclaimed TV series and hit comedies and even literary fiction. Maybe we're just sick of what the Twilight books did to both vampires and werewolves; but maybe there's something about the imagery of someone ... or something ... that once had life and is still moving around, but has long ago had what made it vital snuffed out forever.

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The world of technology is rife with zombies. Maybe it's because tech geeks are so obsessed with the new that we're quick to turn our back on the old -- even when they're useful or necessary. Many technologies shuffle forward through the decades, living a second life much longer than the first, unloved, prompting horror and disgust when we encounter them. Click onwards to scare yourself silly with zombie technology.

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