Uncovering tech's most peculiar product codenames

Tech companies go to painstaking lengths to keep new products confidential, which is why many of them assign "secret" product codenames. Here's an insider's look at some of the most unusual codenames, with themes ranging from felines to fairytales.

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Apple Walks on the Wild Side

codename img 3.jpg

Lions and leopards and panthers, oh my!

In 2000, Apple released its first version of Mac OS X in public beta form, which it codenamed "Kodiak" after the Alaskan grizzly bear. While some companies rename the product once it goes to market, Apple kept its name, sticking to the exotic animal theme with the following eight releases of Mac OS X, which included Puma (2001), Jaguar (2002), Panther (2003), Tiger (2005), Leopard (2007), Snow Leopard (2009) and, most recently, Lion in July.

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