Uncovering tech's most peculiar product codenames

Tech companies go to painstaking lengths to keep new products confidential, which is why many of them assign "secret" product codenames. Here's an insider's look at some of the most unusual codenames, with themes ranging from felines to fairytales.

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Google's Sweet Tooth

codename img 4.jpg

Google sure seems to love its sweets.

Google acquired Android Inc. in 2005, making it a wholly owned subsidiary of Google. At that time, the Android operating system had already been released in four versions, named Cupcake, Donut, Éclair and Froyo.

After its acquisition, Google continued the alphabetical dessert trend, releasing Gingerbread (Version 2.3), Honeycomb (3.0) and, most recently, Android 4.0, which it calls Ice Cream Sandwich. The Android team is rumored to be working on the next OS, which is reportedly dubbed Jelly Bean. Hungry yet?

Visiting the Googleplex

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