CES 2012 gadget preview

2012 Consumer Electronics Show: From high-definition video calling via your HDTV to practically indestructible SD cards for your camera, here’s a look at 20 gadgets and services that will be making a splash at the Las Vegas Convention Center in January.

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Pump up the volume 

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The AirGo by Russosound is a weatherized outdoor high-performance speaker that allows you to stream your iTunes library while you're relaxing or entertaining outdoors. To use the AirGo simply plug an Apple AirPort Express directly into the speaker's weatherproof enclosure so you can wirelessly stream music from Airplay-compatible devices such as an iPod Touch or a Mac or PC running iTunes.

The AirGo is a 12-inch cube and weighs-in at 16 pounds and also serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot (leveraging the AirPort Express’s Wi-Fi repeater mode). Priced at $399, the portable streaming speakers are available from several online retailers.

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