CES 2012 gadget preview

2012 Consumer Electronics Show: From high-definition video calling via your HDTV to practically indestructible SD cards for your camera, here’s a look at 20 gadgets and services that will be making a splash at the Las Vegas Convention Center in January.

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Cut another cord 

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Cut the USB cords for good with HyperDrive CloudFTP that allows you to ditch USB connections for Wi-Fi device connectivity. Made by Sanho, this pocket-sized gizmo

adds Wi-Fi capability to anything that connects via USB such as USB thumb drives or digital camera. For example connect CloudFTP to an external hard drive and you can access the drive without wires from your laptop in a different room. CloudFTP also connects to popular online cloud storage services like Dropbox, iCloud, and Box.net for convenient backup and synchronization of your data. Priced at $70, CloudFTP will be available in January.

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