This week in pictures: The SOPA saga

Also: Barnes & Noble fights back against Microsoft patent claims; Buffett bets big on IBM; Google serves up Android 4.0 source code; Amazon ships Kindle Fire; and Nintendo builds life-size Mario Karts

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Android 4.0 ice cream sandwichIDG News Service
Ice Cream Sandwich is designed to be "one OS that runs everywhere," a statement alluding in part to the fact that Google TV will now run 3.1. Hopefully it also means the Android team will be addressing some of the widening hardware fragmentation issues that have continued to challenge Android developers.

Google serves up Android 4.0 source code
Android 4.0.1 source code is now freely available to any developer that wants to see it, under the terms of the Apache Software License, marking an end to closed Android platforms. Read more.

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