Facebook's road to IPO: 10 memorable moments

The good, the bad, the Facebook

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Yahoo's billion dollar blunder

Terry SemelREUTERS/Rick Wilking
Chief Executive of Yahoo Terry Semel introduces a new service called Yahoo! Go during the Yahoo keynote address at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 6, 2006.

July 2006
Facebook population: 9 million+

When Mark Zuckerberg walked away from Yahoo's $1 billion acquisition offer in 2006, many people thought the then-22-year-old had lost his mind. (The deal may have tasted a bit more sour after Yahoo CEO du jour Terry Semel cut the offer to $850 million.) Now Yahoo's failure to acquire the world's largest Web entity for 1 percent of its current estimated value counts as one of its biggest screw-ups. Given Yahoo's track record, Facebook might not even exist today if Zuck had said yes.

The Good: Kept Facebook from suffering the same fate as Broadcast.com
The Bad: Semel pocketed more than $500 million before he finally got canned

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