Facebook's road to IPO: 10 memorable moments

The good, the bad, the Facebook

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Boy in the Hoodie

June 2010
Facebook population: 500 million+

It had been a rough few months for Zuckerberg. A plan to spread the "Like" button aross the Web and share user data with third-party sites had sparked calls for a Facebook boycott. When he appeared onstage at the AllThingsD conference with Walter Mossberg and Kara Swisher, he began sweating like a polar bear in a sauna. Then Swisher talked him into removing his hoodie, revealing a spooky Illuminati-style insignia on the inside. “Oh my God. You’re a cult!” Swisher joked. (At least, we hope she was joking.) Zuckerberg later redeemed himself with a more polished appearance on "60 Minutes," but doubts about the 25 year old's leadership abilities remained.

The Good: There is no Zuckerati, as far as we know
The Bad: Wondering whether he ever washes that damned hoodie

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